8-Bit Sunday Funday

SUNDAY 1pm—8pm

6$ Session Cocktails. Games. Bar Snacks.

Come hang out with us on Sunday afternoons for #8BitSunday.  We’re dusting off the old Nintendo and mixing up some deliciously sessionable cocktails for your gaming pleasure.  It’s like your own personal basement game room, except with a bartender.

Enjoy a great selection of classic board games, retro video games, and bar games like shuffleboard and foosball. Our Sunday cocktail menu will include $6 “session” cocktails for those long games of Risk or dominoes.

Hungry? We’ve got small bar snacks, but feel free to grab a pizza on the way or order from your favorite local take-out joint.

Got a D&D group that needs a table? Bring your DMG, character sheets, snacks, dice, and whatever else you need to rock a night of adventure.

We’ll be holding theme nights and game tournaments throughout the year, just follow us on Facebook or social media @grandten to find out when.

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