Derby Days

Introducing Boston’s first Pinewood Derby Racing League!

Here are the details

The What
A pinewood derby is a racing event for unmanned miniature cars. Races will be the last Sunday of the month during the summer (June 30, July 28 and August 25).

The Cars
Racers build their own cars from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles. Kits can be picked up at GrandTen for 5 bucks or find your own. There are two classes of races, how you build your car depends on which class you follow:

Neat – a strict set of rules that is similar to traditional pinewood races
Overproof – where your imagination and technology are the limits to how fast you can go.

Which one are you?

The Track
GrandTen has a two-lane 35-foot all-aluminum track. See details here. Race times are recorded to an accuracy to 0.001 of a second to determine the winner.

The Ladder
Each race day there will be a ladder style bracket. The first racer of the day starts the ladder. Each racer can challenge the car 1 or 2 above them. The winner moves up, the loser moves down. Top of the ladder is the fastest car. Stay at the top until the end and you are the champion!

The Build
Basic kits are available online or at the distillery.  Every Thursday before Race Day the bar has build nights where participate can buy a car and prepare it for Sunday.

The next build day is June 27th. Cocktail and kit tickets are available HERE.

The Race Day

Races start at 2 pm and continue till 6 pm. Racers are free to show up any time during racing hours. New cars start on the bottom of the ladder. We will keep an active race list. Races will be run at a set interval dependent on the number of participants on race day (every 5 mins).


  1. Racers start on the bottom of the ladder when they arrive
  2. Racers are free to arrive anytime during racing hours (2 pm – 6 pm)
  3. Racers can challenge other cars on the ladder 1 or 2 spots above them
  4. If you are on the ladder, you have to race. If you are unable to race you forfeit the run.
  5. Races will be run at a set interval dependent on the number of participants on race day (at officials discretion).
  6. A racer can only challenge other cars not already on the active race list.
  7. A car cannot be on the race list for multiple races at the same time. A car must complete the race before entering the list again.
  8. Racers not on the list must accept any incoming legal challenges.
  9. Race Day Official has the final say in all disputes.

Lots of Winners.

  • Fastest time each week for (each class)
  • Top of the ladder for each week (each class)
  • Most wins all season
  • Fastest time for the season (each class)
  • Prettiest car


  • Can I build a car to race in each class?
  • Do I need to attend every race day?
    No, you can show up any race day and still be eligible for prizes!
  • How do I get a car?
    You can buy a kit to build a car at the distillery or anyplace else that sells them.
  • Is it ok if my Dad and/or Mom builts my car for me?
    Yes, but only if you get them something nice when they finish.
  • How much does it cost to race?
    It is free to race.
  • Can I make adjustments between races?
    Yes, as long the car is ready when its time for its race.
  • Can I break the laws of physics to win?
    We don’t know, can you?