Jan 24th – Fire Puncher Day


On a cold night in January 1887, flames erupted from the iron foundry on Dorchester Avenue, spewing smoke over the South Bay. Before the firemen could get to the blaze, local resident Tommy Maguire raised a ladder and climbed to the roof where he undertook to fight the flames with his own bare fists! The fire eventually subsided but the legend of Tommy Maguire lives on in our Fire Puncher Vodka.

Every January, we remember the rich history of our building in South Boston and celebrate the legend of Tommy Maguire and our one-of-a-kind Fire Puncher Vodka.

Join us at GrandTen on Friday, January 24th to celebrate our eighth annual Fire Puncher Day Party!

WARNING: This event is NOT for the faint of heart!

We are honoring one of Southie’s greatest folk heroes, Tommy McGuire (the original Fire Puncher) with delicious Fire Puncher cocktails, a wonderful bar, and Stump (a crazy bar game you must try). Participate in The Stump Challenge for a chance to win a free bottle of Fire Puncher Vodka or a $100 GrandTen gift card!

WARNING: If you do NOT like amazing craft cocktails, delicious eats, cool prizes nor fun in general, we highly recommend you find your entertainment elsewhere.


Come try this year’s EXTRA SPECIAL small batch of Fire Puncher Vodka. What makes it extra special you ask? It was infused with pineapple and spiced with Habanero peppers making it the Juiciest batch yet. Limited edition bottles will be for sale (for those who can handle the heat) and we’ll be mixing up savory Fire Puncher cocktails all night long.

Please Note: All attendees must be 21+ years old with a valid ID to attend.

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