Derby Days – Neat Class


The neat class follows a strict set of rules.

  • Wheel Base: Any as long as wheels do not exceed the 7″ total length requirement
  • Total Car Height: Not to exceed 3″ inches
  • Total Car Length: Not to exceed 7″ inches
  • Total Car Width: Not to exceed 2-3/4″ inches
  • Total Car Weight: Not to exceed 5.0 ounces

Additional materials may be added as long as they meet the rules. Other types of materials may be used to construct your own body and/or frame. 4 Axles & Wheels must be installed to the side of the car body directly across from one another / No more than a 45-degree angle.

Track Center Rail Height: 1/4″ inch
Track Center Rail Width: 1 5/8″ inches
* Wheels must clear the outside to outside center rail width measurement


  1. Minimum diameter .084
  2. Axles must have a nail head


  1. May be machined, lathed, polished and/or sanded to true the edge of the tread, surface, and circumference
  2. The tread/contact surface must remain flat and parallel to the bore as humanly possible
  3. No Angling, Reshaping, Canting, Round Crowning, Tapering, H-ing, V-ing, Dishing, the outside of the wheels and/or tread surface
  4. Lettering must remain on the inside and outside of the wheel.
  5. 7.50mm Minimum Tread Width
  6. Wheels must weigh at least 2 grams and a wheel can be removed after the race to be weighed to confirm weight.
  7. The wheels can be trued to get to the 2-gram weight but they are not to be cut down intentionally under the weight limit and then use a foreign material to bring it back to weight.

The following modifications are not allowed

  1. Starting or finish line devices
  2. Electronic or lighting devices
  3. Glass or extremely fragile parts
  4. Paint that is wet, smudges or extremely sticky
  5. Bearings and/or Bushings
  6. Sharp objects, sandpaper or abrasives on the bottom of the car (We do not want any damage to the rubber stopping pads)
  7. Axles and/or wheels attached to any device that mechanically or alters rotation and spin
  8. Any part of the car to go beyond the starting peg
  9. Propellants
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