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“Man, Go Run” Mango Rum launch!

Saturday May 25th, 2019 – After two and a half years of tinkering, tasting, and barrel aging GrandTen is proud to announce the launch of our “Man, Go Run” mango rum. Distilled from re-hydrated cane juice and mango puree, this rum was aged for two years in American and French Oak before being rested with dried mango for a fortified fruit flavor!

Extremely limited supply.

Travel and Leisure Top 10

Proud to be named one of Travel and Leisure Top 10 distilleries.

The GrandTen Bar

Boston Barhopper, September 16th, 2016

It’s a warm, late-summer day in South Boston, and the garage door leading into GrandTen Distilling’s facility on Dorchester Ave is wide open.

Inside, head bartender Steve Schnelwar and distiller Wes Dalton are standing on stepstools, huddled around a chalkboard that’s been painted onto a concrete column adjacent to the distillery’s bar. They are meticulously printing the headings that will herald for their weekly specials, and their efforts at chalkboard calligraphy are slow-going.


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Cocktails and invention at GrandTen Distilling


Matt Nuernberger and Spencer McMinn, cousins and cofounders of GrandTen Distilling in South Boston, are excited to have you to their place for a drink. “I think people can expect a unique experience. We are probably one of the few distilleries in the country where the alcohol goes from the still straight to the glass,” says Nuernberger.

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Meet Boston’s craft distilling pioneers

By Sanjay Salomon | (Aug. 2015)

What does it take to start a whiskey distillery in Boston? Apparently it takes a law degree, a chemistry background, or an MBA. Boston is now home to three whiskey distilleries – one in Roxbury, one in South Boston, and one on the Boston waterfront.

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GrandTen Distilling Plans to Open a Cocktail Bar Inside the Distillery

By: Rachel Leah Blumenthal | Boston Eater (Mar. 2015)

The South Boston-based distillery is raising funds to open Bar 383.

GrandTen Distilling has been using locally-sourced ingredients to produce spirits (gin, rum, and more) in South Boston since 2012, and now, the team wants to convert its Saturday tasting bar into a legit cocktail bar. “We’re building a space where people from all over Boston can come, kick back, and enjoy our spirits in good company,” GrandTen writes on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. They’re seeking $20,000 to make it happen, and the campaign closes on April 22. (They’ve already crossed the $5,000 mark.) The new venture is called Bar 383, named for the address — 383 Dorchester Ave.

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A Convoluted Path Ends With Grand Ten Distilling

By Cynthia Graber | edibleBOSTON (Winter 2013)

You’ve never been in the food business. You’ve never made any variety of this particular product. You wheedle family and friends into investing thousands of dollars. You build out an entire industrial production site without ever having turned out even one product sample.

Against most logic, it pays off: you win local fans and a national award only months after selling the first taste.

That’s the convoluted path that cousins Matt Neurnberger and Spencer McMinn took to create Grand Ten Distilling, which opened in South Boston last April.

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The 5 new small-batch distilled boozes to drink right now

By Dave Baldwin | Thrillest (Aug. 2013)

Grand Ten’s Medford Rum
Since debuting last Spring, this South Boston craft distillery housed in 19th-century iron foundry has been aggressively rolling out new spirits to complement their Fire Puncher Vodka and signature Wire Works Gin, including an apple vodka and series of liqueurs like the barrel-aged almond Amandine and botanical Angelica. What you’re eagerly awaiting though is a new batch of their Massachusetts Cranberry Liqueur and the highly anticipated/currently aging (in oak) Medford Rum.

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Gin Dandy: Three Tonic Syrups for Your Summer G & T

By Christopher Hughes | Boston Magazine (July 2013)

The Great Tonic Taste-Off
We field-tested three artisanal syrups—and one great Italian soda—with our favorite local gin, GrandTen Distilling’s Wire Works. When making at home, add a half ounce of tonic syrup for every three ounces of soda water. Once opened, the tonic will keep in the refrigerator for up to six months.

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Liquid Diet: Grand Ten Distilling’s Rare Apple Vodka; New 383 Series

By Christopher Hughes | Boston Magazine (April 30, 2013)

Grand Ten Distilling is New England’s entrée into this elite league of pot distilling savants. Launched in April of 2012 by Matt Neurnberger and Spencer McMinn, this South Boston distillery makes gins and liqueurs that’ll make you forget all about your go-to bases for tonics and sodas. Their Wire Works gin is clean and bright without giving star treatment to any one ingredient-unlike say, Tanqueray (juniper) or Hendrick’s (cucumber). Their Special Reserve, aged eleven months in American oak barrels, is even more appealing, with vanilla notes from the oak somehow drawing out the essence of local cranberries, which are used in place of traditional citrus peel. And for those turned off by the licorice-y backbone synonymous with Chartreuse, the Grand Ten Angelica is a perfect alternative with notes of fresh orange zest and cinnamon and a balanced sweetness.

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