Derby Days – Overproof


The overproof class follows few rules

  • Total Car Height: Not to exceed 3″ inches
  • Total Car Length: Not to exceed 7″ inches
  • Total Car Width: Not to exceed 2-3/4″ inches
  • Total Car Weight: Not to exceed 5.0 pounds

Track Center Rail Height: 1/4″ inch
Track Center Rail Width: 1 5/8″ inches
* Wheels must clear the outside to outside center rail width measurement

Must be autonomous – aka act independently.
Must be able to race multiple times a day.

The following modifications are not allowed

  1. Flames
  2. Paint that is wet, smudges or extremely sticky
  3. Sharp objects, sandpaper or abrasives on the bottom of the car (We do not want any damage to the rubber stopping pads)
  4. Any part of the car to go beyond the starting peg
  5. Anything that will damage the track, people, or the distillery
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