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Liquid Diet: Grand Ten Distilling’s Rare Apple Vodka; New 383 Series

By Christopher Hughes | Boston Magazine (April 30, 2013)

Grand Ten Distilling is New England’s entrée into this elite league of pot distilling savants. Launched in April of 2012 by Matt Neurnberger and Spencer McMinn, this South Boston distillery makes gins and liqueurs that’ll make you forget all about your go-to bases for tonics and sodas. Their Wire Works gin is clean and bright without giving star treatment to any one ingredient-unlike say, Tanqueray (juniper) or Hendrick’s (cucumber). Their Special Reserve, aged eleven months in American oak barrels, is even more appealing, with vanilla notes from the oak somehow drawing out the essence of local cranberries, which are used in place of traditional citrus peel. And for those turned off by the licorice-y backbone synonymous with Chartreuse, the Grand Ten Angelica is a perfect alternative with notes of fresh orange zest and cinnamon and a balanced sweetness.

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